Millions of TikTok songs are already in our database, and we add new ones every day. TikTok does not provide any ISRC code for the songs, so we cannot automatically match TikTok songs with tracks in our system. While we do a lot of matching manually ourselve, we cannot cover all tracks.

There could be 2 reasons why the TikTok data does not appear for your track, but both issues have a solution:

  • The TikTok song is in our system but is not matched to the track yet. As soon as the matching is done, you will then get access to all the historical data we have already collected.
  • The TikTok song is not yet in our system. As soon as you add it, we will start collecting data for it.

For both issues, the solution is the same. On the track page, in the TikTok tab, click on the button to "Add a TikTok song" button, copy/paste the song link. The song will then be added in our sytem if not there yet, and linked to the track.

Pay attention that we only accept this link format: