Millions of Shazam tracks are already in our database, and we add new ones every day. To make it short, we add a track automatically as soon as we see it in one of the 1500+ Shazam charts we record.

If Shazam provides the ISRC code for those tracks, they will be matched automatically with the right track in our system.

There could be 2 reasons why the Shazam data does not appear for your track, but both issues have a solution:

  • The ISRC code given by Shazam is not the one you expect, so the Shazam data is linked to an other track in our system. This happens for example when a same track has a different ISRC code on Spotify and Apple Music. The workaround is easy: copy/paste the Shazam track link in our search and you will be directed to the right page.
  • The Shazam track is not yet in our system. To fix this will require a small operation that has to be done only once: go on the Track page on the Shazam tab, click the button 'Add a shazam song' and then copy/paste the Shazam track link. If the ISRC code matches, the Shazam track will be linked within a few seconds. It may then take a few hours before we start collecting data, which will happen once a day.