Every day we record thousands of charts from different platforms. Here is the detail of all the charts available on Spot On Track. To access the charts, just click on the 'Charts' item on the top menu. You will then be able to browse to platforms, charts types, countries, ...


The Spotify charts are recorded directly from the offical source spotifycharts.com as soon as they are published (with a delay of 30 minutes maximum).

Official Spotify charts are split into two categories: streams and viral. 'Stream' charts are obvisouly based on the number of streams, which display on the right column. The number of streams that is displayed is the number of streams for that particular day (or week, if looking at a weekly chart) for the selected country (or for the world if the selected country is 'Global').

You can of course change the date if you are interested in older charts. Our data goes back to April 2015.

One more chart type for Spotify is the 'New Music Friday', this is a chart that we compute ourselves every Friday, once the New Music Friday playlists have been updated. The goal of this chart is to see which tracks are getting the biggest support in the NMF playlists.

Apple Music

Apple Music charts are recorded daily and are available for the following data: Songs, Albums, Music video and Playlists.

Each chart is specific to a country, except for the 'Songs' charts, which is also available as a Global chart taking into account the data from all over the world.

Finally Apple Music charts can also be filtered by genre. For example, you can see the most popular 'Country' songs in the United States. By default, we display the 'All genres' charts, it means that there is no genre filter so all tracks are taken into account.

Apple music charts are recorded through the day as soon as they are released, with a delay that could be up to 2 hours.

You can of course change the date if you are interested in older charts. Our data goes back to December 2018.

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