Before subscribing to one of our plans, you will need to fill in your billing details. You can also change them at anytime from your settings:

First of all, you need to select of you are a company or not. If you are a European company, you also have to fill in your VAT number.

The VAT number must be in the following format: 2 letters country code + number. For example: LU26375245. We will validate the VAT number,and will automatically fill in the country and address below if we find the information. In case we notice the VAT number is incorrect, we will not take it into account for invoicing. In that case we advise you to contact us at before subscribing.

Finally, you have to fill in your country, and your name/address and any other information you would need to be displayed on the invoice.

Please note our pricing are displayed excluding taxes. If you are an individual from Europe, VAT will be charged, the VAT rate depending on your country. If you are a company from Malta, VAT will also be charged. For individuals and companies outside of Europe, no taxes will be applied.

Your address and VAT number will appear on all your invoices. If you change your billing details, the new information will only be added on the next invoices. Already generated invoices will not be affected. If you need your address or company name to be changed on an old invoice, please send us an email at