One of our most used features is that you can follow Artists, Tracks and Albums. Here a quick guide on how to do it, and why it will help you.

On every track/artist/album page, you will find action buttons on the top right of the page. One of these buttons is the 'Follow' button. If you click on it, the item will be added to your list of favorites. On the free trial, you can only follow one item. The limit is of course higher for our paid plan, with 10 and 250 items for the the PRO and BUSINESS packages respectively.

You can of course unfollow items that you already follow, the button being at the exact same place as the 'Follow' one. In your profile page, you will also find the list of all the items you follow:

Why do I need to follow an item?

Following a track or artist is interesting for many reasons. First of all, all the items you follow will be accessible from the Quick Access menu at the top. It means that you don't need to use the search everytime you want to reach one specific track.

The other reason to follow an item is to see its data on the Dashboard and Daily Digest. The dashboard is the place to be if you want a quick look at what's new for your followed items: current chart positions, playlists additions from the last days, playlists removed recently, ... You can configure your dashboard with many settings and filters, but following an item is the first step to fill in your dashboard.

The Daily Digest is almost identical as your dashboard, except this happens every day in your inbox automatically. Every day we send you the new data for the items you follow, according to the settings and filters you have set up. Let the data come to you so you don't need to worry about checking Spot On Track every day to notice any new playlist addition for one of your tracks.

Ready to know more about those two features? Good news, we explained in detail how the Dashboard and the Daily Digest work in the next articles of our Getting Started guide.