Creating an account on Spot On Track is a very straightforward process. You will be ready to discover our platform in a minute.

First of all, you need to go on the register page:

Make sure to fill in your name, your email address and your password. Double check your email for any typo, as you will need to confirm your email address in a few seconds. Once you are done and agree with our terms of use, you are ready to go.

Within a minute, you should receive a confirmation email. It may on rare occasions take more time to arrive. If you did not receive it after 5 minutes and it is not in your spam folder, drop us an email at so that we can have a look at what's wrong. Click on the confirmation link in the email and you're in. Welcome on Spot On Track!

There is one last step needed to make sure Spot On Track works as you want: select the data you are interested in. Currently we display data from Spotify and Apple Music - other platforms will follow soon. If you have no interest in one of those platforms, you can just switch it off, so that we do not display this data for you on our website. It will help make Spot On Track easier and faster to use for you. No worries however, this is a setting you can change any time in the future from your settings page.

That's it, you can now enjoy your 14 days free trial. If you want to discover all our features, just have a look at our Getting Started category. Next up: How to search data from an artist or track.