After buying radio data for a track, you will have access to the Radio tab on the track page, displaying many charts and table with the radio data. Here is a preview what is available.

Select your data period

By default, the view only shows data from the last 7 days. However you can choose if you prefer periods of 14 days, 4 weeks, 3 months or see all the data available. You can also go back and forth in the period if you wish to see previous data.

The 4 overview cards will display the total impressions and plays for the selected period, and the number of unique stations and countries that played the song in the period. The progression at the top right of the card is the comparison with the previous period.

Top stations and countries

For the selected period, we compute the Top 20 countries in which the song has been the most played and the Top 20 stations that played the song the most.

By default, the Top is based on impressions (estimation of number of listeners). However impressions is not available for all stations, so feel free to switch to the 'Plays' type instead.

The evolution is giving you the trend compared to the Top of the previous period.

Tip: Click on a country name to go to a page with only data for this country.

Evolution graph

With this graph you can see the number of plays and impression for each day. This is perfect to get at first sight if the song is going up or down on radios.

World map

For the selected period this map will show you the countries in which the song was played. By default this is based on the Impressions data, but you can easily switch to 'Plays' if you prefer. The darker the green is, the most impressions/plays you got in this country.

Tip: Move your mouse on the country to know the exact number of plays/impressions.

List of plays

This is where you get every detail! In this table we list all the plays for the selected period, aggregated by station, country and region of the world.

Click on the green arrows to get more or less details about the item, up to the precise timing of each play. Play times are in UTC.