The Super Friday report is a very specific report, targeting the Spotify New Music Friday playlists. This report is about one track and lists all the New Music Friday additions for that track.

To create a new Super Friday report, go on the 'Reports' item on the top menu and then select the tab 'Super Friday reports'.

You will then be able to enter your track to create the report. You can enter the ISRC code of the track, or just its Spotify URI or link. You can do this after or before the release.

If the track is already released, we will check all NMF playlists (if they have been updated since then) to list all the additions you received. If the track is not released yet, we will wait for the release and will generate the report at that time.

Below the new report creation form, you will find your list of Super Friday reports. The list will give you a quick view of the number of playlists and the total reach of those playlists. If you want to go into more details, you can click on the 'Details' button.

The detailed view will then show you the list of playlists, as well as the position within each of those playlists. The list is sorted by followers descending.

You can also download this data as a PDF, that you can easily share with your colleagues and clients.

Moreover, once this report is generated, we will send it to you via email automatically. It means that if you set up your Super Friday report before the release, you don't need to worry about checking NMF updates on release day. As soon as all the playlists have been updated, we send you an email with your report!

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