Radio data is sold as an addon to your subscription, and must be purcharsed for each song you would like us to track on the radio stations. This is not included in your subscription price, but you need an active subscription to be able to buy a radio data addon or access radio data you have bought already.

The price depends on your current subscription. Users subscribed to the PRO plan purchase radio data for a song at the price of €19.99*. BUSINESS users get it at the price of only €16.99*.

*prices are VAT excluded

What's included in Radio data?

As soon as you buy the radio data for a song, we will insert the song in our radio tracking system. We will then start checking if we hear the song on the 6000+ stations we track. It means that the radio data will only be available starting the day of purchase. In some cases we will be able to get plays from the previous 2 weeks too, but there is not guarantee.

We will continue tracking this song on radio stations for one full year since the purchase date. After one year, the addon will not be renewed automatically as we guess one year is usually more than enough for your need. However if you wish to continue after one year, you are free to purchase again the addon for one more year.

How do I buy?

To buy radio data, it's easy. Just go on the song page and click on the Radio tab. You will then see an 'Order now' button.

You will then be asked for a confirmation.

As soon as you confirm the purchase, we will charge your current payment method. After the payment is sucessfull, we will insert the song in our radio tracking system.

This last step can take some time as we have some manual validations going on, fingerpriting computations etc. It may take up to 48 hours after the purchase before you start seing the data.